Welcome to Jerusalem Market

We love bringing fresh, healthy, flavorful foods to your family. Since 1989 we’ve been the Triad’s favorite Middle Eastern grocer. From our homemade saladsĀ  to our specialty groceries, Jerusalem Market is your choice for bringing home the exotic flavors of the Middle East.




What our customers are saying!

Nick M

I've been visiting Jerusalem Market for almost a year. It's a great spot to pick up my groceries and grab a bite to eat at the same time. The food is outstanding and the staff is very nice. I always feel welcome. I also ordered some grape leaves and baklava for a party at my house. Everyone commented that both were the best they had ever eaten.

Kevin P

Absolutely delicious. Friendly family runs it. Baklava the best I've had. Everything splendid.

Joshua S

The food was phenomenal and it was amazing. We loved the Turkish coffee we bought. The owner is a wonderful man who was very kind and generous to my four daughters. It is recommended for a reason.

Ali G

I just discovered this place recently, but I'm officially addicted to their falafel! The sandwiches are amazing, the selection of lunch meats and authentic foods is great for a small shop, and the staff are really friendly. Thanks for making my day with your sandwiches!

Tom S

We have been going here for years. A delightful family enterprise. All sorts of things you can't find anywhere else--or not as good as here. Bulk olives of all kinds, falafel, tabouli, sandwiches, canned and bottle goods from the Middle East, huge selection of olive oils, candies, and much else. it's museum of delicious items. Very nice people.

Leslie N

A Greensboro culinary gem. Great family, and the best falafel sandwich in the area among its many charms.