Jerusalem Market Menu


Middle Eastern Dips and Salads

Our Homemade authentic Middle Eastern salads and dips. We only use fresh never from a can for all our recipes and strive to only make it the authentic way!


“The Best Hummos in the World”   $8.99

Hummos Chic peas cooked fresh then blended until smooth with tahini, lemon juice and garlic.


Tabouleh  $9.99

Fresh chopped parsley salad with cracked wheat, cucumbers, tomatoes, spring onions, spearmint, freshly squeezed lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.


Baba Ghanouj  $9.99

Roasted, skinned, and de-seeded eggplant chopped and blended with fresh lemon juice and garlic.


Foule  $7.99

Chic peas and fava Beans together with garlic, lemon juice, and a touch of hot pepper. Topped with extra virgin olive oil.


Jerusalem Potato Salad  $6.99

New potatoes quartered and tossed with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, with parsley, roasted red peppers and a touch of garlic.


Cucumber Yogurt Dip  $9.99

Strained yogurt mixed with fresh chopped garlic and mint. Just like tadziki but better!


Feta Dip  $9.99

French and Bulgarian feta meet extra virgin olive oil and turkish pepper sauce and lemon juice to create a spreadable feta cheese.


Muhamarra  $10.99

Roasted Red Peppers blended until smooth with pomegranate molasses, walnuts and Greek bread crumbs.


Dolmathes  $14.99

Jerusalem Market’s famous stuffed grape leaves. Hand rolled and filled with rice, roasted pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, onions, and parsley.



These are our famous sandwiches made on paper thin Markouk bread. All are served with an olive and pickle on the side. Onions and our homemade hot sauce can be added to any of these, should be added. =)


Falafel  $7.99

Falafel Patties with hummos and tahini sauce. Feta Cheese 1.00 extra.


Hummos and Tabouleh  $6.99

Hummos layered with tabouleh. Light and delicious!


Baba Ghanouj and Yogurt Cucumber  $6.99

Roasted eggplant dip with yogurt cucumber and garlic sauce


Combination Plate  $8.99

Hummos, tabouleh, a spinach pie, and toasted pita bread. Or customize your own!


Turkey Breast  $7.99

Oven roasted turkey breast with black pepper and provolone cheese. Try it with our hummos or yogurt dip instead of mayo


Jambon  $7.99

Mild French ham with provolone cheese


Italiano  $7.99

Italian Mortadella with our current favorite Salami and provolone.


The Turk  $8.99

Soujuk, a spicy dried beef sausage, sliced thin with provolone cheese melted on top. Served with baba ghanouj and yogurt cucumber sauce on the sandwich


The Armenian  $8.99

Spiced, dried beef filet, sliced thin with provolone cheese melted on top. Served with baba ghanouj and yogurt cucumber sauce on the sandwich


Pastries and Cookies

Here is our selection of Middle Eastern Pastries and Cookies.


Pistachio Baklava  $14.99 lb, $1.59/ea

Our baklava is made Middle Eastern style with less syrup and more butter and nuts. Plenty of butter in between each layer makes sure this is the best Baklava you will ever have


Walnut Baklava  $14.99/lb, $1.49/ea

The traditional Greek recipe without all the sticky syrup. Tons of Walnuts and butter.


Kol-osh-kor (Mini Roses)  $14.99/lb, $0.79/ea

A lighter take on pasty. Pine nuts and cashews chopped finely and nested in the middle of folded fillo dough


Lady Fingers  $14.99/lb, $0.79.ea

Cashews and Pinenuts layered in fillo then rolled into fingers for a buttery smooth delight.


Kourabiethes  $14.99/lb, $0.79/ea

The classic wedding cookie with slivered almonds in the middle and lots of butter. Topped with powered sugar


Ghouriehbeh  $14.99/lb, $0.79/ea

A super buttery cookie topped with single pistachio


Filled Ghouriehbeh  $2.59 each

The buttery Ghouriehbeh cookie dough shaped and filled with rose flavored pistachio filling. Too good!


Boorma  $2.29 each

Shredded and crunchy fillo dough wrapped around whole pistachios then sliced into rings. Tons of pistachio flavor


Bassma  $14.99/lb, $1.00/ea

Finely ground shredded fillo dough with ground pistachio sandwiched inbetween two layers.


Date, Pistachio, or Walnut Maamoul  $2.29 each

A shortbread like cookie crust filled with dates, pistachio, or walnuts.


Barazek (Sesame Cookie)  $14.99/lb, 0.79/ea

A honey and sesame cookie with ground pistachio on the bottom.


Saliba’s Harmless Cookies  $14.99lb, $0.99/ea

Our famous Harmless Cookies made without butter. Honey instead of sugar with a slight anise flavor and sesame seeds. A classic middle eastern cookie


Ballourie  $14.99/lb, $1.29/ea

Shredded fillo dough lightly toasted with pistachio filling


Coconut Macaroon  $1.99 each

A traditional, awesome coconut macaroon with a cherry on top!


Namoura  $1.59 each

A dense semolina cake soaked in a lightly sweet syrup with just a hint of coconut and topped with an almond.


Pies (Middle Eastern Turnovers)

These are our homemade Pies. They use a thin pita dough wrapped around a filling or left open faced.

Spinach Pie  $2.99

Our thin olive oil infused dough wrapped in a triangle around a delicious filling of spinach, onions, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and sumac.


Cheese Pie  $2.99

Jerusalem Market’s dough with an amazing cheese filling with fresh mozzarella and feta cheeses with our special blend of spices added in.


Meat Pie  $2.99

We leave this one open faced! Super lean ground sirloin mixed with middle eastern spices, tomatoes, onions, parsley, garlic, and just a touch of hot pepper for an amazing taste combination.