About Jerusalem Market

Jerusalem Market began in March of1989 with one mission; to bring the best of the Middle East to the Triad. When Saliba Hanhan opened Jerusalem Market, he brought with him a passion for his family’s heritage and specifically his culture’s foods. After a degree in organic chemistry and years working unfulling jobs, Sailba decided to share his passion with the Triad. The city of Jerusalem is a cultural melting pot that produces some of the most incredible foods in the globe. People from all over brought their unique flavors to the society. We try to bring that sense of harmony and diversity in the foods of Jerusalem to you and your family.

Middle Eastern foods are naturally good for you.

Middle Eastern food is naturally good for you- so, we are not just making this up!. Jerusalem Market provides you with complete foods with all good nutrients, good fats, the food is natural fuel. Loaded with protein, nutrients, and vitamins, Middle Eastern food is naturally  engineered for the most beneficial effect on the body.

The wisdom behind the food

Our foods reflect the ancient wisdom of Middle Eastern¬† cultures. These cultures built their food pairings around good nutrition because of old country know-how.¬† Our expertise, knowledge, and first hand experience Middle Eastern culture’s foods gives us insight into some of nature’s healthiest and tastiest flavors.